Fisetin- A new Senolytic

The most promising drug when it comes to its use as an anti-aging therapy. Our bodies’ accumulate senescent cells as we approach old age, the damaged cells that emit the signal molecules that turn the body into a toxic battlefield. The number of senescent cells not significant in the body but its effects surprises many.

Van Duersen proved that you could get rid of these harmful cells to increase the lifespan of mice by at least 25%. This was a highly complicated process because the smallest residue of left hanging close to the normal cells is enough to cause massive damage.

Senolytic against Aging

If the “bad” cell level accumulate and they contribute to the entire aging process. The good thing about increasing the busman life expectancy is the near possibility of getting drugs that can eliminate the senescent cells.

University scholars and research labs across the world are rushing towards identifying the wonder drug that kills the unhealthy cells leaving without causing damage to the healthy cells. Cell suicide takes place in the body through a process with the name Anostosis.

There is a protein with the name FOXO Inside the body that controls how genes look like. FOXO compares the master cells with the unhealthy ones; they are identified as worms, which triggers the FOXO4 which to prevent apoptosis from taking place.

Researchers also note that mice without the FOXO4 leaves appear to be normal even though apoptosis is an important aspect of cell division through the lifespan of the test mice.  The cells must control their own judgment on when it should eliminate itself and work in both directions as expected in older animals.

The only evident thing about senescent cells sees their failure to eliminate cells, and the other convincing aspect is seeing the wasting of muscles and nerve cells early in life leading to muscle loss and reduced brain mass. The other notable functions of the FOXO4 include DNA repair and mice or humans with no FOXO4 are prone to DNA damage.

Looking at how chemotherapy in cancer treatment works, the success of senolytic therapy is measured by the ability to kill senescent cells without harming the normal cells. When the standard dose injects humans, the cellular concentrations will vary from person to person and from individual tissue.

The Bottom Line

The scientific research into the elimination of senescent cells is given more attention because of the broad support from the lab experiments used in animals and helps us understand the origin of old age in the following aspects:

Convincing results from the many trials are enough to convince us of the circulating chemical signals that are triggered by the epigenetic clock. The circulating molecules come from the senescent cells

Aging increases with age, which gives the impression that a positive feedback loop controls it

The short telomeres initiate the production of the senescent cells. At all times, looking at the tail of these cells change to senescence by having their tails short telomeres.

The worldwide efforts to make those living longer to enjoy a healthy life are doubling up, and there is good progress in testing the senolytic treatments.